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In the Creu Blanca Clinic it has established the Imhotep-Creu Blanca Foundation. This foundation was created in 1995 in order to promote the development of health facilities and the intention to disclose, promote and teach medical and health knowledge, promoting scientific research.

Seminars, symposiums, training courses, are some of the activities of the Foundation.

All activities are financed through contributions made by the Creu Blanca group and other companies.


The Creu Blanca Foundation was established teacher-assistance and research purposes, continually opens up new lines of development to apply the latest developments in medicine for the benefit of their patients.

Working closely with university hospitals and research centers, R & D, training and specialization programs are made.


In collaboration with major hospitals in Barcelona, ​​for example, the Hospital de Sant Pau, they have perfected the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance with the sole aim of improving the diagnosis.

As for activities organized by the Foundation in recent years there have been several courses on cardiac imaging, capsule endoscopes, arthroscopy ...

In addition, every Tuesday is celebrated in the Auditorium of the Creu Blanca Clinic clinical session where different cases are presented, and where various issues related to the profession are discussed. These sessions are open to the public.

Imhotep, the great Egyptian physician

The name of the foundation, Imhotep, refers to the philosopher, physician and Egyptian architect of the third millennium BC who he was deified and revered by both Egyptians and Greeks and Romans.

Imhotep is known as the founder of Egyptian medicine. It is believed that he is the author of a papyrus discovered in 1862 by Edwin Smith Papyrus is the oldest document which deals with medicine throughout the world. In the papyrus carefully ailments, remedies, cures, anatomical observations, methods of anesthesia, etc. are described It also contains the first descriptions of cranial sutures, sutures of the outer surface of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid and intracranial pulsations.

Besides being the architect of all this, she was a pioneer in ophthalmic surgery and invented a host of medical instruments such as forceps.

Due to his great contributions (other than doctor was who designed the famous Step Pyramid of Sakkara) was deified.

His fame crossed borders and Greeks called Asclepius, coming to us as the god Asclepius. Without doubt, be the first known physician in history entitles him to become the name of a foundation.